ComfortPillow for children –

Finally, the pillow for the little ones

Benefits of the ComfortPillow for children

Your new best friend is here! Hug it, sleep with it, or cuddle with it to watch a movie or read a book.

At night, many children have a great need for safety. They want to feel that everything around them is well. When they fall asleep, the ComfortPillow gives children a feeling of safety and self-confidence - even when they sleep alone in the dark.

Better sleep

Children deprived of sleep are often irritated and find it difficult to focus during the day. It is important for children to associate sleep with something positive. As a sleeping companion, the ComfortPillow can be wonderfully integrated into evening stories and sleep rituals.

Better stress management

Not only adults but also children are exposed to stress these days. The pressure to perform at school, hobbies and play with electronic devices, makes it is difficult for children to turn off and relax in the evening. With the ComfortPillow, accumulated stress can be reduced more efficiently, and the child can relax and fall asleep faster.